Our Services

We offer a bouquet of travel-related services,to make your travel as hassle-free as possible. Our Customer Service Team strives to make your travel a pleasure blending technology with talent honouring our mission of putting you on top of the world. All the time.

Flight Tickets

UTT can make booking a flight for you absolutely hassle-free. Our experienced team is fully conversant on the subtle nuances of air travel that you will not end up in a midway crisis which is not unlikely in online bookings.

    Our Ticketing Services Include:

  • Assistance in flight choice checking flight availability and timings around the world.
  • Issuance of flight tickets to your choosen destination.
  • Assistance in seating and familiarizing you o in-flight amenties of your flight.
  • Keep track of your flight schedules.

Hotels and Transfer

Hotel reservation and transport can put you in a spot in a strange place. While early booking options are available online you can be in for unpleasant surprises when you land. UTT can assist you in hotel reservation, accomodation and transportation..

    Our Services Include:

  • Hotel reservation.
  • Meet and assist services.
  • Car & Coach rental.
  • Pickup & Transfer.

Travel Documents

Passport ,Visa and Insurance documents are critical for international travel.Each country has its own rules and only an expert can guide you to be equipped with the right documents. UTT has years of experience processing these documents for over a million customers. UTT can free you of the tensions in procuring the appropriate travel documents for your trip to any important destination.

    Services We Offer Are:

  • Assistance for application of new passport and renewal.
  • Assistance in procuring visa for the country you wish to visit mainly USA,Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore and all European countries.
  • Guidance in choosing travel and overseas medical insurance.

Cargo Services

Our Cargo handling team can assist you in the dispatch of cargo to any destination of the world.For more details please Contact : 9526030005,9947013306

    Our Services Include:

  • Clearing and forwarding.
  • Custom brokers.
  • Transport & logistics.
  • Air freight.
  • Forwarding excess baggage of passengers.